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Many dermatological conditions can be reviewed and/or diagnosed by qualified specialists from good photographic images, and many cases triaged or diagnosed in this way can be managed in the community by GPs without patients having to attend the dermatology service. This supports care closer to home for patients.

Teledermatology allows specialists quickly to examine and triage cases from photographic images, recommending referrals to the Community Dermatology where appropriate but otherwise allowing patients to remain under the care of their GP with a suitable management plan.

Where patients need to see a specialist following review by teledermatology, the patient will be contacted by the Dermatology Service to be offered and appointment, alternatively if required a referral to secondary care for treatment will be arranged, there is no need to go back to your GP for this.

Benefits of teledermatology for patients 

The aims of the teledermatology service are to:

  • Provide care closer to home
  • Prevent avoidable and inappropriate referrals to the dermatology
  • Reducing the time taken for patients to access specialist services
  • GPs can quickly and easily obtain a second opinion when required

How does the service work?

If your GP thinks you have a dermatological condition and queries whether your condition could be managed in your own GP Practice setting or if you need to attend a more specialist service in the community, they will send a teledermatology referral directly to us.

Teledermatology allows specialists quickly to examine and triage cases from photographic images, recommending referrals to the specialist community service or secondary care where appropriate, but otherwise triaging cases back to the community with a suitable management plan.

How quickly will my teledermatology referral be reviewed?

Your teledermatology referral will be reviewed and returned to the GP with advice within 5 working days.

The referral and will make a clinical decision on the best pathway of care you.

Your GP will then contact you to discuss the outcome of your referral and next steps.

What could be the outcome of my teledermatology referral?

The outcome of your teledermatology referral could be one of the following:

  • A treatment plan sent back to your GP with instructions for management in your GP practice
  • If required, you will be contacted to arrange a Face to face appointment with the specialist dermatology service
  • If required, arrangements for the onward referral to another specialist; this may involve your GP offering you a choices of local services
  • Direct listing for minor procedure with the specialist community dermatology service
    • You will be given adequate preoperative information about skin surgery in written format should this be the best option for you.
    • If you prefer you can opt for a face-to-face discussion with the skin specialist or skin surgeon if you decide you would like to discuss your procedure before this is undertaken